Intermediate Python Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Python is a popular programming language and one that students always have more to learn. These projects will let intermediate students explore and demonstrate new skills.

Python Projects

By this point, your students should have already mastered the basic skills associated with the programming language of Python. They are ready to start testing more advanced skills and eager to explore the creative possibilities of programming. The intermediate level covers a fairly wide range of skills, from those who are just moving beyond beginner tasks to those nearly ready for truly advanced programming. These project ideas are designed to be adaptable to the interests and skill levels of your students.

Role-Playing Game

Students will program a game in which users take a number of steps in different directions, allowing them to explore a map or prompting responses from the program. Students will create several rooms, demarcated by walls or limitations, that the user will have to navigate. Within these rooms, the user will have to locate objects (like a key) in order to solve the maze or complete the requisite task. There can also be obstacles in certain rooms, such as monsters or traps, that the user must learn to avoid. Students can also consider adding a random dice generator to the game to add an element of chance, as is common in many tabletop role-play games.

  • Materials: Computer with Python, paper and pencil for sketching plans

Pointillism App

Pointillism is an art form in which an image is created using tiny, individual colored dots. As a variation on a drawing app, students will program an app that consists of a blank canvas (white or black) and the ability to paint using individually placed colored dots. Encourage students to program a vast selection of colors and hues, to try and make the app user friendly, and to develop saving and archival features. When the app is ready, ask them to paint a pointillist work of art using their new app.

  • Materials: Computer with Python

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