Internal and External Workplace Communication

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Successful companies use a balance of both internal and external workplace communication to inform, persuade and educate their constituents on business, product or service information. Find out some specific examples in this lesson on workplace communication.

Types of Communication

Robert Gladstone is the CEO of Vibrant Airplanes. He is known to be a ruthless businessperson who yields supreme communication as his tool of dominance in the marketplace. Robert is able to use both external and internal communication tools to reach all members of his audience.

External communication is a type of communication that is used to inform the public about new products, services, personnel changes and company events and to build branding. Internal communication is a type of communication that is used to share information with employees and stockholders - and not the general public. Vibrant Airlines has unleashed enormous new products and services to the public, and in addition, has been a leader in employee communication. Let's take a look at Robert as a case study in how to use internal and external workplace communication exceptionally well.

Internal Workplace Communication

Robert Gladstone's company is rated as one of the top companies to work for in the United States. His company is known for transparency with its employees and stockholders. This means that his company shares all financial reports, policy changes and internal happenings with everyone. He does not hide information - even if it's not always good news.

For example, last year Vibrant Airplanes hit a rough financial quarter when fuel prices skyrocketed. This impacted employee bonuses and stockholder dividends. Gladstone was forthright and explained the how and why behind the decrease in profits. He provided a contingency plan to offset the price increase in the future. He communicated this information through emails and an in-person forum at the national sales meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Gladstone also uses memos, emails, in-person meetings, blogs and even mass phone messages to communicate internal information. Gladstone believes the key to a successful internal communication plan is to offer clear, credible, accurate and truthful information in a timely manner. Vibrant Airlines was one of the first companies to utilize an internal company blog, electronic newsletters and weekly sales contests to inform and motivate.

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