Internet Communication: Social Media, Email, Blog, & Chat

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  • 0:04 Internet Communication
  • 0:50 Social Media Operations
  • 1:53 Common Communication Tools
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Meghalee Goswami

Meghalee has a masters of computer science and communication engineering.

This lesson talks about how social media adds business value by building networks that enhance competitive advantage, enable the exchange of information, foster strong relationships and serve as a foundation of building professional and personal relationships irrespective of different geographical spaces and time zones.

Internet Communication

In today's world, a person's personality and interests can be easily identified by observing how active he or she is on the various social media platforms, and what they post. Although social media was fundamentally created for connecting people across the world and allowing them to share their thoughts and opinions, these platforms have now become an extensive medium for building businesses and promoting oneself. Social media adds business value by building networks that enhance competitive edge, enable the exchange of information, and foster strong relationships.

There are various internet communication tools that enable us to network both personally and professionally. Some of these are Facebook, emails, Twitter, chat, and blogs.

Social Media Operations

Social media is defined as the platform used by applications that focus on using the internet to connect people across the globe. There are many applications like email, chat messengers and applications, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The major functionationity they provide to the users is connectivity and communication. These applications run intricate algorithms that monitor shared and stored data. One major function of social media is to monitor, track, and analyze a user's online activities. This allows for the collection of information on user interests and preferences. This process enables product suggestions the next time the user browses the platform.

For example, if you check out details about some product on the xyz e-commerce site, the next time you log onto your social media sites, you will easily find those and similar products, which will appear as suggestions for you to look at. Thus, social media plays a huge role in gathering user information to increase sales.

Common Communication Tools

Internet communication tools are used for both personal and professional purposes to:

  1. Increase followers and friends by an individual
  2. Establish informal connections with clients by business firms and startups.

A list of various internet communication tools are:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Emails
  • Blogs
  • YouTube

Some available communication tools are listed in the following sections.

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