Internet Marketing for Hotels

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Internet marketing for hotels is an essential component to staying competitive. In this lesson, we will discuss the importance of having a website and using multiple distribution channels, social media, search engine optimization and internet ads.

Having an Effective Website

Websites are important marketing tools for hotels. A website gives the consumer a way to look into the hotel, and the company can use it to promote aspects of the hotel. Room pictures, room information, and promotions are ways to use the website to make a consumer interested in the hotel. The website should also have up-to-date events and should show the customer the company's mission and goals. The hotel industry is competitive, which makes it critical for hotels to have an effective website with information that provides a clear picture for the customers.

Using Multiple Distribution Channels

Hotels have many options when it comes to online distribution channels. It is important for hotels to use not only their website to book rooms, but also to use multiple other distribution channels as well., Expedia, and are all examples of different avenues a hotel could use to book rooms. Customers who are not aware of a company's hotel or are looking for special pricing can use these websites to find the best deals.

For instance, Laura lives in New Jersey and is going on vacation to Florida. She has never been to Florida, so she is not familiar with where to stay. She uses to find a hotel in Clearwater located right on the beach. With this website, she can compare different hotels, and determine which ones best fit her price range and her specific needs.

Social Media

Social media helps hotels reach different consumers from all over the world. Hotels have the opportunity to post pictures of the rooms for a potential customer to view. Social media also allows hotel companies to become more interactive with customers. A hotel company can see how their customers liked their stay and what things needs to be improved. (Hotels need to take consumer criticism into account to determine how they can improve their services.) Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media avenues for hotels.

For instance, if you owned Tropical Beauty Hotel on a tropical island, you would want to use a lot of images to attract tourists. A social media application like Instagram allows you to post only pictures and use different filters to help enhance the photographs for customers. Tropical Beauty Hotel could use Facebook to announce promotional offers and local events to attract customers. Facebook also allows the company to provide more information to customers compared to Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest, where only minimal information can be provided.

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