Internet Marketing for Lawyers & Attorneys

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Internet marketing for lawyers and attorneys is essential to gain more clients. In this lesson, we will discuss the importance of a website, how to monitor your website, and advertising promotion techniques.

Internet Marketing For Lawyers

Are you wondering how can internet marketing be effective for lawyers? Internet marketing is a useful way for lawyers and attorneys to get their company advertised to the public. It helps create visibility for the practice and allows the lawyers the ability to promote their services. It helps you gain a competitive advantage on the internet and allows the client to know more information about a lawyer or attorney's services. There are many different internet channels you can use that will help promote your services.


A lawyer's website is as relevant as their business card. A website gives clients the opportunity to learn more detailed information about the services the lawyer offers and the type of law they practice. People once used the yellow pages to look for lawyers in their area; now people will search the internet, which makes it essential for lawyers to have an active website. When there are multiple lawyers who serve the same area, it is helpful for clients to find the one that will best fit their needs.

A lawyer's website should include their days and hours of operation, professional credential information, and contact information including phone number, email, and address to allow clients to establish and maintain contact. Depending on the firm, it may be necessary to hire an outside professional to handle website design.

Imagine you own a new law firm that is small, but you are trying to expand. You have utilized all the traditional methods of advertising, including ads in papers, television commercials, and radio advertisement. Although these methods of advertising helped gain clients, you want to pursue other options. Using internet marketing will help your firm reach a global audience and will promote your company. Developing your website will be a helpful tool to gain more clients, and provide them with information about your company.

Monitor Your Website

A law firm that has an individual that is experienced in internet marketing should use a search engine optimization tool such as Google Analytics. Search Engine Optimization helps a company gain more web traffic by putting a website around the top of the search engine search. Google Analytics helps the company's return on investment (ROI), advertising and cross-channel communication.

Lawyers should monitor their website to assist in determining which techniques are working for the company, and which techniques are not as successful for them. Tracking user activity helps the firm determine how effective their marketing techniques are, and if they are reaching the goals they are striving to achieve. For instance, If you want potential clients to sign up for newsletters, you can determine how many people are clicking on the link to sign up for a newsletter. Using SEO helps you determine how users arrived at your website.

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