Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Instructor: Ian Lord

Ian is a real estate investor, MBA, former health professions educator, and Air Force veteran.

In this lesson we will explore the Internet marketing tools available to real estate agents that generate leads and encourage conversion to becoming clients.

Internet Marketing Generates Leads for Real Estate Agents

With a new license in hand, Jimmy is ready to drum up business and go to work as a newly minted real estate agent in Springfield. He knows that these days would-be home buyers and sellers are likely to use the Internet to find information before reaching out to a real estate agent. Jimmy decides he needs a strong Internet marketing plan to generate leads who will eventually become clients.

A significant benefit of Internet marketing over local area marketing for Jimmy is that advertising efforts are available anywhere in the world. An out-of-town client moving to the area is more likely to see an Internet marketing activity than an ad on the side of a bus or in a local newspaper.

Let's take a look at some of the approaches Jimmy can use to market his services and listings using the Internet.

Blogging and Personal Websites

As important to Jimmy's new business as a business card is a professional-looking website. For Internet marketing, a website can function as an electronic business card of sorts. Potential buyers can see the services Jimmy offers, and reach out to him by phone or email. The website can also be used to show details and pictures of properties Jimmy has listed for sale.

Another Internet marketing tool Jimmy plans to use is a blog, short for weblog. Jimmy's blog is a space where he can post regular articles addressing the common concerns and interests of his clients. Topics could include general information about finding a property, qualifying for a mortgage, or information about the local Springfield job market and schools. These articles can help establish Jimmy's reputation with readers and help him be seen as an authority in the field.

A local reader may simply be looking for an answer to a question on the Internet, find Jimmy's blog, and decide to consider hiring Jimmy to help buy or sell a property because of the connection. In marketing terms this is known as funnel marketing. A wide net is cast to attract attention with information of interest; out of ten people who read the article, maybe three of those leads will reach out to Jimmy and one will become a paying client.

Real Estate Database Companies

A real estate database company pulls information from the multiple listing service that real estate agents use to list properties on the market. The company presents the listings on its website with a variety of special search tools enabling home buyers to find properties. This can be a powerful source of leads as presumably the people looking at the listings want to buy or sell a house and need an agent to make a deal happen.

Jimmy's clients might go to one of these sites to find a home in their particular price range or in a certain neighborhood. Jimmy's listings will show his information to prospective clients. Jimmy can also choose to be a paid advertiser on these sites and increase his web presence with links to his personal sites posted whenever anyone looks in the city of Springfield or the surrounding areas.

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