Internet Marketing: Methods & Process

Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

When utilizing internet marketing, it is beneficial to help develop a method and process. In this lesson we will discuss how to develop a plan, generate more traffic, and how to maintain internet marketing platforms.

Internet Marketing: Methods & Process

Internet marketing is essential in today's increasingly popular online marketplace. Companies work through their Internet platform to sell goods online and make purchasing even easier for consumers. Internet marketing is essential to help raise awareness for a business and to help communicate with customers. It is important to develop a method and process for an efficient Internet marketing presence.

Develop a Plan

A business should develop a plan as they create an Internet marketing campaign. You should figure out how much you want to spend to market your company online. Say we have a company, Shawna's Ski Attire, that sells girls ski clothes. The company is fairly new, so it is important for the owner Shawna to develop a budget to help determine how many Internet channels the company can pursue. There are some free Internet marketing avenues, such as various social media sites and some email marketing campaigns. Other services have to be paid for, such as search engine optimization, website development, ads, etc. The company should implement social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to help communicate with customers and market the company.

It is critical to develop a plan when it comes to your website. You should develop a website that will attract your target market - the people that will want to buy your products. Create your website to be professional and on par with your competitors. Your website should have your products, company background, contact information, and links to your social media sites for customers to communicate with you.

Generate More Traffic

Internet marketing does not end at developing a platform to market. It is beneficial to use different web analytic tools. Web analytics helps a company measure, collect, analyze and report Internet data to help optimize your webpage. You can use web analytics to determine who has visited your web page, which keywords were used to find your website, which links were the most popular, and how many people purchased products or performed the desired action. Utilizing web analytics helps a company learn even more about their customer and what may need to be improved on their website.

Ads are another key element to help develop more brand awareness, which will increase purchasing. You have to create keywords that will attract customers to certain parts of your website. Keywords should be aimed at helping to increase sales by focusing on products that are being sold on your website. Shawna's Ski Attire could use ads to increase customers during ski season. The company could also use ads during holiday season to sell kids clothes.

Ads can appear on different websites, search engines, and social media. Ads will help the company generate more traffic will helping gain brand awareness.

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