Internet of Things Platform: Definition & Forms

Instructor: Meghalee Goswami
In this lesson, the structure of the Internet of Things platform (IoT) is described. It is compared with middleware and its three main platforms are explained: Application Enablement platform, Provisioning platform, and Connectivity platform.

IoT Platform

The IoT Platform consists of multiple layers which provide management and optimization of all the devices present within it. With the help of connecting options, secure mechanisms, and information conversion techniques, this particular platform connects hardware to the cloud, which becomes a platform for application developers who use elements that speed up the development process. The main goal of the IoT is to establish a smart-connected life. This fails if all the components including hardware and software do not function together efficiently. In order to achieve stability in IoT systems, IoT platforms must be able to manage and optimize the use of energy, power, data, hardware, as well as many other components.


The structure of an IoT platform consists of these architectural forms:

  • connectivity which ensures proper connection within devices
  • device management which ensures that all the devices that are connected to the platform are working properly
  • database that stores data about all the devices that are connected
  • processing that does the necessary data conversion
  • analytics
  • visualization which provides easy and understandable human observation with the help of lines, charts, 2D and 3D models
  • additional tools
  • external interfaces

Comparison with Middleware

An IoT platform is significantly different from an IoT middleware even though the platform originated from the middleware concept. IoT middleware was considered as a 'working mediator' between the hardware devices and the application layer. From it, an IoT platform developed with advanced features and working modes, which does not just work as a mediator but provide security, look upon the correct programming, and manage it.

Forms of the IoT platform

There are three main IoT platform forms:

Application Enablement Platform (AEP)

This platform offers the actual end-user application creation. It consists of templates, frames, and forms that are readily available for using and creating. Data is transformed into actual information as quickly as possible on this platform.

Provisioning Platform

This particular platform makes the connecting methods (different plans) for cellular data much easier to approach. This helps in both the device and network management. This makes the whole process of activating, de-activating, and renewal of plans much easier and also provides for easy subscription and communication.

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