Internet Vocabulary in Spanish

Instructor: Elena Sacramento Lechado

Elena teaches Spanish as a foreign language and has a PhD in linguistics.

This lesson covers the essential internet vocabulary in Spanish. Learn all the keywords and main computer terms, you'll need to search information, send an email or surf the Internet.

The World of the Internet

Nowadays, we use the Internet basically all the time - we search information, we send emails, we listen to music, watch movies and play games online wherever we are. And best of all, you're studying and learning online right now.

In this lesson we'll take a look at some useful internet-related vocabulary in Spanish. Let's learn this vocabulary along with Carmen, who is a rookie in the world of technology. The good news is that many of these words are phonetic adaptations from the English language or quite similar to their English equivalents, so they are easy to remember.

Let's get started!

Computer Terms

Isabel's grandmother, Carmen, has never used a computer before. Her generation could get by without them. But now, she wants to be updated and learn new things, so she has asked her granddaughter for help.

Isabel has started by showing her the very basic elements about una computadora (OOH-nah kohm-pooh-tah-DOH-rah), a computer.

Note: In Spain, people use the word ordenador (ohr-deh-nah-DOHR) for 'computer' instead.

These are the essential words:

Spanish Pronunciation Translation
(la) pantalla (lah pahn-TAH-yah) screen
(el) teclado (ehl teh-KLAH-doh) keyboard
(el) ratón (ehl rah-TOHN) mouse
(el) equipo (ehl eh-KEE-poh) hardware
(el) disco duro (ehl DEES-koh DOO-roh) hard disk

Translation: Computer, mouse and keyboard

Basic Internet Vocabulary

Once Carmen is in front of la computadora and has learned how to use el ratón, Isabel shows her how to access the internet (which, by the way, is a universal word, so it is exactly the same in Spanish):

  • Tienes que hacer clic aquí para acceder a internet. ('You have to click here to access the internet.')
  • Este es el buscador. ('This is the search engine.') Ahora tienes que escribir la página web y presionar la tecla enter. ('Now you have to type the website and press the enter key.')

The main words you need are compiled here:

Spanish Pronunciation Translation
hacer clic (also cliquear) (ah-SEHR kleek / klee-keh-AHR) to click
presionar (preh-syoh-NAHR) to press
(el) buscador (boos-kah-DOHR) search engine
(la) página web (PAH-hee-nah web) website
(la) tecla (TEH-klah) key

Using Email

If Carmen wants to adapt herself to the new generation, she needs to create her own email account.

In the word 'email', the 'e' stands for electronic, so the word is translated into Spanish as correo electrónico. However, nowadays, since we use technology every day, we assume that most mail is electronic, so we just say correo and avoid pronouncing such a long word.

Isabel sets up Carmen her account: carmen_garcí

Let's consider a few things here:

  • The underscore (_) is called guion (gee-OHN) in Spanish.
  • At (@) is arroba (pronounced: ah-ROH-bah).
  • We read dot com (.com) as punto com (POON-toh kohm).

Now try to say aloud your own email as if you were giving it to a Spanish speaker. Start your sentence saying: Mi correo es... ('My email is...').

The next step is thinking of a password, una contraseña, and soon Carmen will have access to the inbox, or bandeja de entrada. She can check her correo now and send attached files, or archivos adjuntos. She will also want to get rid of the correo basura, or spam.

Translation: Password

Let's check the pronunciation of the new terms with this table:

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