Geometry Assignment - Trigonometric Concepts Using Triangles

Instructor: Jennifer Pallister
This assignment will allow your student to practice introductory trigonometric concepts using triangles.

Assignment Instructions

Hand-write your responses to the following problems on blank paper. Show all your work.

1. Use trigonometric ratios to find values for x and y:

image of a right triangle with a 30 degree angle at the top; the two right angle sides are y (vertical) and x (horizontal) the hypotenuse is 3

2. Find the value of y:

image of a scalene triangle where the bottom side is 100 and the far right side is y. Moving clockwise from the top angle, the angle values are 10x (top angle), 2x squared minus 2 (angle on the far side), and x squared plus 14 (third angle, on the left side)

3. The perimeter of this triangle is 68. Find the value of n:

image of a scalene triangle where the left side is 4m plus 1, the far side is 5m squared minus 15, and the bottom side is 2m squared plus 7. The top angle is n. There are no other angle values.

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