Island Landform Project Ideas

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Islands differ from other landforms students have studied and, in some cases, inhabit different living organisms. As students engage in constructivist learning projects, they will gain a better understanding of different types of island landforms.

Island Landforms

When your students are first introduced to islands, their first thought might be Hawaii, the Caribbean, or other tropical havens they may have seen in movies, but an island is any of the thousands of bodies of land that are surrounded by water. Some islands are covered in ice or rock and are completely uninhabitable, while others provide a habitat for plants and animals. These projects provide students with an opportunity to engage in cooperative, hands-on learning opportunities about islands.

Island Landform Projects

Before beginning these projects, make sure that students have been exposed to many different types of landforms and understand how islands are different from other landforms.

Island Salt Dough Map

Grade Level: 2-6

Length: 60-120 minutes divided into three class periods

Materials needed: flour, salt, water, cardboard, paint, brushes, bowls, stirrers, measuring spoons/cups

Divide students into small groups.

Tell students that they will be working cooperatively to create a model of an island.

Have students look at pictures of islands. As students design their island, have them form a consensus on the following questions:

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