Isometric Dot Paper Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

Students will use fun and engaging activities to practice drawing precise geometric shapes using isometric dot paper. The activities included here allow for collaborative and independent work to motivate students' highest levels of engagement.

Isometric Dot Paper

The use of isometric dot paper allows students to draw precise geometric shapes. It takes practice to learn to draw these shapes, especially 3D shapes. It is important to encourage students to practice these skills in ways that will motivate students to really focus on their work.

The activities offered here are designed for upper elementary aged students to practice using isometric dot paper to create 2D and 3D geometric shapes.

Back to Front

This fun activity will have students recreate a drawing from what they can feel on their own backs.


  • Isometric dot paper
  • Markers


  • Divide your class into pairs.
  • Give each student two pieces of isometric paper.
  • Instruct the students to stand so that one student has his/her back to the other student.
  • The student facing a back must put his/her paper on the back of his/her partner. Then, use the isometric dot paper and marker to draw a shape using the partner's back as a table.
    • The partner must pay close attention to the feelings coming through on his/her back and try to recreate the drawing on his/her own paper.
    • If the marker does not allow for enough feeling to come through the back, consider using chalk or the person's finger to trace along the edges of the shape to help the one recreating the shape feel it.
  • Have the students compare their images.
    • Was the recreated image close to the original?
  • Have the students switch roles.
    • Whose image was closest to the original?
    • Why?


  • Form your whole class into a circle with students all facing each other's backs.
  • Give all students a piece of isometric paper and a marker or drawing utensil.
  • Select a student to start the image. That student should slowly draw an image (on the paper) on the back of the person in front of him/her.
  • As soon as each student feels an image being drawn on his/her back, he/she should begin to draw the same image on the next back. Remind your students to draw on the paper and not on the person.
  • After everyone has finished, compare the images.
    • How many were close?
    • Why did things start to break down?
    • Did the limitation of the isometric dots help to maintain the shape even when students were unsure of what to draw?

Geometric Addition

This creative activity will allow your class to create group art.


  • A large piece of isometric dot paper
    • Small pieces taped together


  • Give the paper to the student in the first row of the class.
  • Instruct him/her to draw a simple geometric shape using the dots on the paper.
  • Now, the first person must pass the paper to the next person who will add another shape to the first, then pass it on.
  • This pattern continues until each student has added a shape to the paper.
  • Display the class-created geometric art in your classroom.

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