Israel Lesson for Kids: History & Facts

Instructor: Charles Kinney, Jr.
Israel is a small country with big ideas. In this lesson, you will read about the history of Israel, which shares the land with Palestinians, and learn about Hebrew, which is written backwards!

Between Asia and Africa

Israel is a country in the Middle East, an area between Asia and Africa, on the Mediterranean Sea. It is in Asia but touches Africa.

Israel is about the size of Massachusetts and has about 8 million people. Around 75% of the people are Jewish, and about 20% of the people are Arabic, and mostly Muslim. 5% are Christian and other religions. A citizen of Israel is called an Israeli.

Israel's History

Israel has a very long history, but in a way, it has also been short. Long ago, the Jews were slaves in Egypt. They left Egypt and formed a kingdom in what is now Israel. After many, many wars involving Christians, Muslims and Jews, the Jews were pushed out of Israel and moved to other nations all over the world.

In 1948, after millions of Jews had been killed by Nazi Germany in World War II, the United Nations split the land between Jews and Palestinians, who are mostly Muslim. This caused even more wars. Today, there is an unhappy situation there because the Israelis control nearly all the land. The Israelis have even built fences to keep the Palestinians in. Many people hope that someday there will be peace and the Palestinians will have their own country, too.

Map of Israel, with the Palestinian and Occupied Territories in green
Israel and the Palestinian Territories

A Small Country with Big Ideas

For all its problems, Israel is a successful country that is very beautiful. Israel is very good at making technology that goes into computers. They've also figured out how to grow things without much water. Much of Israel is a desert, but the Israelis grow incredible fruit and flowers that they sell to the world. Israelis have also planted millions of trees to keep the dirt from blowing away.

Israelis are in love with trees!
Tel Aviv

Life in Israel

Israel has beaches and sun, as well as skiing! The largest city is Tel Aviv, a fun and exciting place on the sea.

The most important city is Jerusalem, an ancient city that is very important to not only Jewish people, but Muslims and Christians as well. One of the important places in Jerusalem is the Dome of the Rock, a place where all three religions believe miracles happened.

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