Jack Rabbit Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Mary Grace Miller

Mary Grace has taught first grade for 8 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and is licensed in ESL.

What are jackrabbits? How are they different from other rabbits? What do they eat? Where do they live? Keep reading to learn lots of facts about these interesting animals.

What Are Jackrabbits?

Did you know that jackrabbits are not actually rabbits? They are hares! While hares are a lot like rabbits, they are born with fur and grow to be bigger. By comparison, baby rabbits are born naked, without fur. Jackrabbits also have longer hind legs and bigger ears than rabbits. Jackrabbits can grow as high as two feet tall, or about half the height of an elementary school kid!

There are five different species, or kinds, of jackrabbits. Two of these species are black-tailed jackrabbits and white-tailed jackrabbits.

Black-tailed jackrabbit

Where Do Jackrabbits Live?

Jackrabbits live in North America, usually in the central and western part of the continent, like the United States. They make their homes in wide-open plains, like deserts and prairies. A prairie is a large, flat area of grassland. Jackrabbits usually live alone.

During the day, jackrabbits hide in low places called forms. Jackrabbits are nocturnal, so they use the nighttime to search for food. In the winter, jackrabbits may burrow under snow to stay safe from predators.

Jackrabbits live in deserts and prairies in North America.

What Do Jackrabbits Eat?

Jackrabbits are herbivores. This means that they only eat plants. Jackrabbits like to eat grass, bark, roots, twigs, and leaves. They even eat prickly cacti and desert shrubs! Jackrabbits can eat more than one pound of food each day.

Jackrabbits are herbivores.

How Do Jackrabbits Grow?

Baby jackrabbits are called leverets. Female jackrabbits give birth six weeks after mating and have litters of 1-6 leverets. Female jackrabbits have as many as four litters each year! Leverets grow quickly and do not need much help to survive.

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