James & the Giant Peach Chapters 6-10 Summaries

Instructor: Lindsey Hays

Lindsey has taught Elementary Education, Spanish immersion, and ESL. She has a MS in Elementary Education with a BA in Spanish.

In Chapters 6-10 of ''James and the Giant Peach'' by Roald Dahl, the magical crystals James accidentally dropped into the ground allow something unusual to grow in the aunts' garden. Has James finally found adventure in the midst of a sorrowful life?

A Hole in a Peach

We all know the story of ''Alice in Wonderland'', where Alice follows the white rabbit into a hole and begins an adventure. We've heard about the children in the ''Chronicles of Narnia'' who step through a wardrobe and into magical land. But what about a secret hole in a giant peach? Could it possibly lead to magic or adventure?

In Chapters 6-10 of James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, James discovers a hole in a giant peach that begins growing in his yard. He eventually climbs inside, leaving us in suspense as to what happens next. Let's look at the events leading up to this potential adventure of a lifetime!

Chapter 6

Aunt Spiker and Aunt Sponge find a peach on the very top branch of the barren peach tree. James remembers the green crystals and knows why the peach is here. He thinks, ''Something peculiar is about to happen any moment.'' The aunts ask James to come and pick it for them, but as they look on, the peach starts growing before their very eyes!

Chapter 7

In a matter of minutes, the peach grows and grows to the size of Aunt Sponge. It even continues growing to the size of a small house and has to rest on the ground. The peach is beautiful and ripe, but the aunts soon realize they can make money off this crazy miracle.

Chapter 8

First things first, the aunts have a fence built around the peach to protect it from the masses. They charge people to come in and see it.

The aunts charge for tickets at the door to see the miraculous peach.

At the end of a busy day of observers visiting the giant peach, the aunts force James to go out in the dark and clean up after the visitors, even though he has had nothing to eat all day. Heartbreaking, right?

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