Jane Eyre Quotes: Volume 3

Instructor: Sarah Griffin

Sarah teaches college English, and she holds a master's degree in English studies.

In this lesson, we will traverse the final Volume of Charlotte Bronte's novel ''Jane Eyre'' by examining key quotes. It is in Volume 3 that we finally get the answers to our burning questions.

Jane Eyre Volume 3: A Summary

Rochester's Secret

With Volume 3 of Jane Eyre, we find ourselves poised to discover what becomes of our beloved heroine, Jane Eyre, as she nears the end of her bildungsroman, or her coming-of-age story. You may remember that Volume 2 ends with Jane discovering that Mr. Rochester is already married and, therefore, she cannot become his bride. Though Mr. Rochester protests - he desires to relocate and live as husband and wife anyway - Jane resolves to leave Thornfield. It is no longer her home, no longer a place of refuge. This decision is agonizing for Jane. She and Mr. Rochester are deeply in love, but her conscience will not allow her to stay.

Jane's New Family

Jane leaves Thornfield in the middle of the night on foot with what little money she has. She soon spends all of her money while traveling and sleeps outdoors. Her situation is desperate when she arrives on the doorstep of the Rivers siblings, Diana, Mary, and St. John. These kind strangers take Jane - Jane Elliot, as she gives them a false name - in, and St. John helps Jane find a job running a charity school. Later, St. John figures out who Jane really is. It turns out that his deceased Uncle John left his large fortune to Jane. She is filled with joy over the fact that St. John, Mary, and Diana are her cousins and that she has a family. Jane chooses to divide her new fortune evenly among the four of them.

Rochester and Jane Together Again

Eventually, Jane is fatefully drawn back to Thornfield. What she finds are the burned ruins of the hall. Jane learns that Bertha Mason set Thornfield on fire and jumped off the roof during the blaze. Mr. Rochester lost a hand and went blind because of the flames. Jane seeks Mr. Rochester, who is no longer married.

A blind Mr. Rochester discovers Jane.

The couple, still crazy about each other, reconnects immediately. Mr. Rochester proposes, and Jane accepts. We then discover that Jane wrote her story for us after ten years of marriage to Mr. Rochester. Their years together have been blissful. They live and love and raise a family as equals.

Quotes in Volume 3

We will now take an in-depth look at three of Jane's quotes from Volume 3 that reveal the final tension and release in Jane's coming-of-age story.

Quote #1:

'But, then, a voice within me averred that I could do it and foretold that I should do it. I wrestled with my own resolution: I wanted to be weak that I might avoid the awful passage of further suffering I saw laid out for me...'

Jane is locked in a battle of wills. Her conscience is urging her to leave Thornfield immediately. She cannot marry Mr. Rochester, and she cannot stay. For a moment she doubts that she is capable of leaving Thornfield and surviving on her own. Her conscience avers, or asserts, that she can and must do it. It is crucial to note that Jane desired to be weak. Mr. Rochester planned to continue life with Jane as if they were legally married, meaning that Jane would, essentially, be his mistress. Though this would be the easy choice for Jane, she refuses to accept a role that disagrees with her morals. Jane knows that leaving Thornfield means hard times are coming. She is aware that venturing into the world on her own with no job, little money, and no prospects could very well mean her demise. Jane is the epitome of bravery.

Quote #2:

'Glorious discovery to a lonely wretch! This was wealth indeed! - wealth to the heart! - a mine of pure, genial affections.'

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