Jane Goodall Activities

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

This lesson shares four unique and fun activities you can use in your classroom to help students gain a greater appreciation and understanding of Jane Goodall. The activities will also help students learn more about how chimpanzees live and survive.


Jane Goodall is a renowned scientist and advocate for chimpanzees. She has spent 50 years living among chimps in the jungle, studying their behavior and learning about their existence. As part of your classroom study of Jane Goodall, integrate the activities below to add additional learning and fun to your students' curriculum.

Compare and Contrast

One of the aspects of the chimpanzees Jane Goodall found intriguing was the many similarities they showed to humans. In this activity, encourage your students to investigate chimpanzees as Jane Goodall would have. What characteristics and traits do they have that are human-like? Ask each student to find five ways that chimpanzees are like them. You may ask general questions to get them started, such as how they eat, how the families interact, what they do for fun, and others.

Likewise, ask the students to find five ways that the chimpanzees are different from them. Do their bodies look and move differently? Do they gather or hunt food differently? Encourage them to find unique ways the chimpanzees are unlike humans.

Depending on the age of your students, you can have them report their findings verbally or through drawings, for younger children. You can also put the kids in groups and have them create visual representations of their five ways. Perhaps they can create a 3-D layout that depicts the similarities and differences they find in their research.

Live Like a Chimpanzee

Jane Goodall integrated herself with the chimpanzees, living in their environment. Bring simple snacks that are comparable to what chimpanzees enjoy eating. This may include a variety of leafy vegetables (to represent plants), other vegetables and fruit. You can discuss how chimpanzees eat bugs, insects, and meat, as well. And then, as students how would they would have adapted to this diet had they been Jane Goodall.

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