Japanese Culture: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Japan is a country that has a unique culture. In this lesson, learn about different aspects of Japanese culture, including art, food, religion, and customs.

Travel to Japan

Have you ever wanted to travel to a foreign country? Time to take a trip to the amazing island country of Japan! This nation is located in the Pacific Ocean and has a very unique culture. Many customs and traditions practiced there have been in place for centuries.

Let's learn more about Japanese culture on our virtual field trip!

Japanese Art

One of the most distinctive aspects of Japanese culture that you'll notice on your trip is the art. There are many different forms of Japanese art. The country is known for a special type of poem, known as a haiku. These short poems have three lines, rarely rhyme, and are often about nature.

Have you ever folded a paper airplane? If so, you've done something similar to the Japanese art form of origami. This is a method of folding paper to make different figures or shapes. There is actually special paper created just for making origami shapes.

Paper folding is a Japanese art form.

Delicious Food

One of the best parts of going to another country is sampling the food! And Japan has many unique foods to try. Since Japan is an island nation surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, seafood is a big part of the Japanese diet. One special way that the Japanese prepare seafood and other foods like vegetables is the tempura style. This is a way of frying foods in batter. Yummy!

When traveling to Japan, be sure to try tempura seafood or vegetables.

Another unique Japanese dish is sushi. This is a way of preparing raw fish. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Sushi is often served with rice, which is quite common in the Japanese diet. Sushi is so popular that it is served in many restaurants around the world. In fact, you may have a sushi restaurant in your neighborhood!

Religion and Customs

The most common religion in Japan is Shinto. This religion is centuries old and has many different gods. People who practice Shinto have daily rituals where they honor the gods and elements of nature. Buddhism and Christianity are also commonly practiced in modern-day Japan.

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