John & Lorraine's Relationship in The Pigman

Instructor: Kaitlin Oglesby
In many ways, John and Lorraine's relationship is one of the defining elements of 'The Pigman'. In this lesson, we look at how it evolves throughout the book.

John and Lorraine

John and Lorraine are the protagonists of The Pigman, a novel by Paul Zindel. Both teenagers, they enter a friendship with a local old man named Mr. Pignati, who is referred to as the Pigman not only for his name, but in part because of a collection of miniature pig figurines that is his prized possession. While The Pigman shows how growing up can have some negative consequences, the evolution of John and Lorraine's relationship is in many ways much more typical than other plot elements of the book.


John and Lorraine's relationship starts rather platonically. They sit on the bus together and just start laughing while speaking to one another. Many find it rather hard to believe that this pair gets along so well. Lorraine is almost painfully shy, with a mother that is constantly harping on her. Meanwhile, John is in many ways a teenage alpha male - he is extremely confident, very charming, and largely defies his parents. However, the two are drawn into a close friendship with one another, in no small part because of Mr. Pignati's relationship with each of them.

A Kiss

Lorraine falls for John first, at points flat out admitting that she is in love with him, but that she feels that he doesn't think that way of her. John, on the other hand, is much sneakier about his feelings about her. Still, the truth leaks out on occasion. While even her own mother tells her that she isn't pretty, John thinks all Lorraine needs is a little confidence. Coming from John, that may as well be a comparison to a Greek goddess.

In chapter 11, the feelings come to a head when John kisses Lorraine. Afterwards, the narrator quickly changes back to Lorraine in chapter 12, and the reader gets insight into all that she feels.

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