Johnny Tremain Activities

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

''Johnny Tremain'' is a testimony in overcoming adversities, while exploring important events in American history. The following activities will enhance students' comprehension of those events and the story line.

It's Time For Tea

This activity allows students to work together and answer comprehension and discussion questions about Johnny Tremain.


  • Toy tea sets
  • Hot, iced, or sweet tea


Divide students into groups of three to four. Give each student a teacup and saucer. You can find toy tea sets at your local dollar store. Fill the tea cups with tea and distribute a copy of Jonny Tremain comprehension and discussion questions from the website. Ask the groups to discuss the answers and share their responses with the class.

Silver Sugar Basin

Johnny was a silversmith apprentice before he injured himself making a silver sugar basin. In this activity, students will learn how to be an apprentice.


  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Bowl
  • Water
  • Silver paint
  • Crafty items
  • Computer


Ask students to bring a few small crafty items from home. The next day, pose the following: define apprentice. Share the definition of an apprentice which is a person who learns a specific trade or job by working with a skilled person in a specific field or industry. Tell students they are going to mimic an apprenticeship by observing you make a paper mache silver bowl and repeating the steps to make their own.

Give each student 1 piece of 8 ½ x 11 paper. Show students how to crush and mold the piece of paper into a small bowl. Mix about ¾ of the glue bottle and ¼ cup of water to make the paste in each bowl. Massage the paste around the inside and outside of the paper bowl until the paper is covered in paste. Allow to dry for 15 - 30 minutes.

While waiting for the bowl to dry, allow students to research various types of apprenticeships. Their research should include the educational or experience for the apprenticeship as well as any license required to become certified. Also, research the length of time suggested to work in the specific apprenticeship. Ask students to share their research. After which, students can start painting the bowl silver and using their crafty items to ensure uniqueness.

Boston, Massachusetts

An important event in the book was the Boston Tea Party. This activity explores the movement in greater detail while allowing students to learn about modern day Boston.

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