Johnny Tremain Chapter 11 Summary

Instructor: Valerie Keenan

Valerie has taught elementary school and has her master's degree in education.

Chapter 11 of Johnny Tremain is entitled Yankee Doodle. It describes in detail Johnny's experiences on April 20th, the morning after the Revolutionary War has officially started, as he gathers information to pass on to his fellow countrymen in Lexington.

The War Has Begun

Chapter 11 of Johnny Tremain begins the morning of April 20, 1775 when Johnny is awoken by Doctor Warren as he is preparing to leave for Lexington to help the injured. The doctor updates Johnny on the news he's received: the first shot was fired in Lexington, marking the official start of the Revolutionary War. The British won the battle with a handful of colonials being killed. Now thousands of colonial soldiers, called Minutemen, were on the march, and the British were headed to Concord.

The doctor tells Johnny to stay in Boston and gather any information he can about what has happened and what the British plan to do next. Later that night, Johnny will have to find a way to sneak into Lexington to find Doctor Warren.

Making His Rounds

Province House

Johnny walks around Boston to see the streets flooded with British troops as well as excited locals. He notices that all is normal at Province House where General Gage is still asleep in his bed, and he is glad that nobody seems to realize the first shot had been fired.

The Common

A detachment, or group, of 500 Marines arrive to assist the restless British troops on their mission to Concord. Earl Percy and the 1,200 soldiers march towards the town gates and are gone by nine o' clock.

The British troops left Boston to head to Concord on April 20, 1775
British to Concord

The Jail

British and Bostonian alike have now heard about the first shot. General Gage orders the leaders of the opposition arrested, but he is too late. All but a few men have already gone. Johnny notices how angry the British have become and how confident the locals are growing, and he realizes this is because the colonials must be doing well in the fight.

Beacon Hill

Back at the Boston Observer, Johnny sees that the soldiers have already torn the place apart. However, Uncle Lorne hid in Aunt Jennifer's feather bed to stay safe. Johnny heads to Beacon Hill for a better view of what is happening. It is very crowded, but he can see the British troops entering Charlestown.

The Lytes

Johnny remembers Pumpkin's uniform at the Lytes' house, and he decides to wear it in order to look like a British soldier and get to Lexington on one of their ships. The Lytes are packing in a hurry to leave for London, with only Cilla and Mrs. Bessie staying behind. Young Isannah will go to London to pursue acting.

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