Johnny Tremain Comprehension & Discussion Questions

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has a Masters of Science in Mathematics

Help students deepen understanding of the novel ''Johnny Tremain'' with this lesson. Comprehension and discussion questions guide students into literary elements such as plot, characters and setting.

Reading Johnny Tremain

The novel Johnny Tremain is a favorite among young students just beginning to take on chapter books. Written as an historical novel and incorporating themes universal to students of all ages, the book has naturally rich characters, setting and plot points. Use these guiding questions to determine comprehension and spur discussions during and after reading.

Johnny Tremain Comprehension Questions - Characters

  • How old is the protagonist, Johnny Tremain, at the beginning of the story? How old is he at the end?
  • How does Johnny reinvent himself throughout the novel? Make a timeline to show his actions, then write about his transformation.
  • What is Rab and Johnny's friendship like? Is it similar to you and your friends, or different? Explain.
  • What can you infer about Priscilla from her actions in the novel? Write about her character traits and use text evidence to support your analysis.
  • Who are the main characters in the silversmith shop? What are their roles in the novel?
  • Who are the main characters in the American Revolution in this novel? What are their roles?
  • Who is Merchant Lyte? What is his and his family's relationship to Johnny?
  • What characters in the novel helped Johnny to grow and change? Which hindered growth?
  • Why does Isannah need someone to care for her? Who takes on this role?
  • Which character do you relate to most? Explain.

Johnny Tremain Comprehension Questions - Setting

  • Describe the silversmith shop, then draw a picture of your mental images of this setting. What language did the author use to help you get a vivid visualization of this setting?
  • Johnny takes us along with him through pre-Revolutionary Boston as he hunts for a new job. Re-read this section, then tell how the setting is important to this part of the story. Why and how does the author use setting to help propel the plot?
  • How does the setting give you a look into the mood of Bostonians during this time era?
  • What are some important settings in this novel? List them, then describe their importance, both to the story and historically.
  • How is the setting for this novel alike and different from current times? Use specific examples from the text to support your thinking.

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