Jumanji: Book Summary & Characters

Instructor: Audrey Akins

Audrey has more than a decade of experience teaching elementary. She has a bachelor's in journalism and a master's in education.

Can you imagine taking out your favorite board game to play only to find that with every move you make something from the board comes to life? While reading this story, the unimaginable becomes real.

Enter a world of fantasy and adventure as the characters experience an effect for every action.
jumanji book cover


Judy and Peter have been left alone at home while their parents have an evening out together. The two are sister and brother. Judy is the oldest, and Peter is the youngest. Judy is careful, brave, and likes to follow exactly what the rules that have been set whether it's rules set by the parents or rules of the game. Peter is the younger brother that's carefree in the beginning but becomes easily frightened once the board game begins. Throughout the story, Judy is always mindful of the decisions that are made, and by the end of the story, Peter is as well.

Book Summary, Setting, and Plot

The story takes place inside the home of a family of four. The characters are the mother, father, Judy, and Peter. Judy and Peter are the main characters in the story. Before leaving them alone at home, their mother warns them that when she and their father return, the home needs to be tidy because company will be over later on. Once the parents leave, the two find a board game, called Jumanji, in the park from across the street and bring it back to their home to play. While Judy reads the directions, there is a very ominous note that warns them that at least one player must make it to the finishing point in the game in order for the game to end. The goal is to start in the jungle on the game board and end in the city on the game board.

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