Jungle Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Kathryn Miedema Dominguez

Kathryn has taught elementary students for over ten years and has her master's degree in elementary education.

Jungles are diverse ecosystems found throughout the world. They're located in tropical climates near the equator. In this lesson, you'll learn about plants and animals that inhabit jungles.

Jungle Facts

In 'The Jungle Book,' Mowgli walks through the jungle fairly easily. But in most jungles, you'd need to cut down branches, vines, and bushes in order to walk. Jungles are unique ecosystems, which are connected communities of plants and animals in an area. Let's explore the environment, plants, and animals of the jungle.

Jungle vs. Rainforest

Jungles and rainforests have similar plants and animals, and they're located near the equator in tropical climates, which are warm and rainy. However, rainforests have really tall trees that create a canopy. This canopy doesn't allow much sunlight to come through to the bottom of the rainforest, which keeps smaller plants from growing. So, it's easier to walk through a rainforest than a jungle.

Jungles are dense ecosystems with many plants.

Jungles don't have tall trees that block the sunlight, so many smaller plants can grow. This makes jungles a big, bushy mess of plants all tangled together and, thus, hard to walk through.

Jungles are usually found at the edges of rainforests. Since there are tropical areas near the equator throughout the world, jungles are found on many continents. The largest jungles are in South America, Africa, and Asia. The Amazon rainforest is located in South America and is the largest in the world. Although it's a rainforest, most of it is jungle. The second largest jungle is the Congo in Africa.

Plants of the Jungle

Jungles and rainforests have more variety of plant life than other types of forests. The various types of plants and animals that live in an ecosystem are referred to as its biodiversity. Many medicines have been made from plants found in jungles.

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