Kangaroo Habitat Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Lori Houston

Lori has a master's degree in creative writing and has taught all subjects at the 5th grade level as well as tutoring 1st- 5th grade students in all subjects

Learn about the amazing adaptability of the kangaroo. In this lesson, you'll explore some of the different habitats they live in and find out what is needed for them to survive.

What is a Habitat?

Imagine what it would be like if you were suddenly transferred to a different school where you didn't know anyone, and the building was large and unfamiliar. You would no longer be in your natural habitat, and you would have to learn how to manage in a new environment. It would take you a while to learn your way around and to find what you need for your daily life. Animals respond the same way when they are away from their natural habitats: they have to learn to adjust, or they won't be able to survive on their own.

A habitat is a natural home for an animal or even a person. It is the location or type of place they came from and where they are comfortable and able to live their lives naturally. A habitat has to provide all of the things an animal needs, or it will have to move on to another area. Kangaroos are particularly good at finding what they need in very different types of environments.

What Do Kangaroos Need?

Kangaroos have the same basic needs as every other living creature: water, food, and shelter. In their natural habitats, they have learned how to fulfill those needs.

Most kangaroos can be found in Australia and its surrounding islands, but not all kangaroos enjoy the same type of environment. Within the continent of Australia, there are three different regions in which different types of kangaroos make their homes. The center of the continent is made up of desert, which is surrounded by the savanna areas. On the outer edges of the continent's eastern coast, there's a more tropical region.

What Is a Desert Habitat?

Keeping in mind the need for water, food, and shelter, the desert doesn't seem to be a very good habitat for any kind of creature. However, some kangaroos have adapted to the extreme temperatures of the area and are able to keep themselves cooler more successfully than many other animals.

The kangaroos that live in the desert use the shrubs and scattered trees as shelter during the heat of the day, and forage for food in the wide-open spaces at night. This habitat covers the majority of Australia and includes large areas of scrubland, grassland, and desert.

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