Keeping Customers Interested Through Target Marketing

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
Target marketing allows companies to approach customers with specific products they might be interested in. This lesson describes target marketing and how companies use it to keep their customers interested in their products and services.

Target Marketing

If you open your email and you have a new offer from your favorite clothing line telling you all about next seasons products, similar to the ones you bought last year, then you have experienced target marketing. Target marketing is the process of reaching out to a specific population who companies want to sell products to and who they believe will be interested in what they are offering. This can be based on your past purchases, age, gender, and other individual defining characteristics.

The primary goal of target marketing is to connect customers with products and services. One way that a company uses target marketing is by staying in contact with customers.

Communication Tools

Once you have purchased items, such as shirts, pants, shoes, makeup, or any other product from a store, you have provided the company with insights about your buying habits. With target marketing, the company uses those insights to send you specific marketing materials.

Two common ways a company reaches out is through email and traditional mail. More recently, companies have started using social media and online outlets to communicate with customers.

Email and Traditional Mail

Imagine that you just purchased a new pair of shoes. At checkout, you provide the cashier with your email and home address.

A few weeks later, you might receive an ad or an offer for similar shoes. Let's say that you bought a pair of workout shoes. Along with offering you similar shoes, the ad gives examples of new sportswear that matches your shoes. Based on the shoes you bought a few weeks ago, the store is prompting you to be interested in the other products that they offer.

Social Media and the Internet

The online community provides companies with a unique way to communicate with and offer you products and services.

Have you ever clicked through items on the internet, and a few hours later, the ads pop-up in your Facebook newsfeed? With new technology comes new target marketing. Companies can track what you click on, and then provide you with ads of similar products you might be interested in based on the items you were looking at.

How to Target

Companies use several methods of communication in order to reach their target market, and they have various methods of delivering that message. Target marketing can come in the form of an ad, a coupon, or a free offer.


Imagine that you bought a laptop, and a few days later, the computer store sends you an email advertising their latest laptop cases. Ads about new products and offerings is a common way that a company will reach out to their target customers. In this example, the store knows you just bought a laptop, so naturally, you would want to buy a laptop case.

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