Kelly DiPucchio's Life & Books: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Abby Federico

Abby has taught elementary special education and has her master's degree in this area.

This lesson will teach you about the children's author Kelly DiPucchio. You will learn about her early life, how she became a writer, and some of her most popular books.

Growing Up

Did you know that you can have a job writing about things like snoring dinosaurs and monsters who need to learn how to use the potty? Well that's exactly what Kelly DiPucchio did!

Kelly DiPucchio was born on March 7, 1967 in Warren, Michigan. Growing up, she loved school, reading, and playing outside. As she grew older, she began reading more and more. She did not really think of becoming an author yet, or someone who writes books, because she didn't know that was something she could really do when she grew up!

Becoming a Writer

Kelly went to college at Michigan State University. It was there that she began writing. At first she wrote short stories and poems, and one of her professors thought she was really good. The professor said she should try to become an author and submit her work to publishers. Publishers are people or companies who print the books for people to buy. However, at the time, Kelly still didn't think she could become an author as her job. Kelly thought being an author was something that 'real' people didn't do, and compared it to becoming a Fairy Godmother!

After college, Kelly got married to a man named John and they eventually had three children. According to Kelly, having her children was what made her decide to become an author. She decided to start writing picture books for kids. It took her six years of trying before one of her books was sold to a publisher! Then just three months after that her second book was sold to another publisher. Even though she had books ready to go, it took another three years before they were actually published so people could buy them.

Popular Books

Kelly writes picture books for children, or children's books, and she gets her ideas from things her kids used to do or things that happened in her everyday life. She has a total of ten books published. Two of her books, Grace for President and The Sandwich Swap, were on the New York Times bestseller list.

  • Grace for President is about a young African-American girl wondering why there has never been a woman for president.
  • The Sandwich Swap is about two young girls who learn that they can be friends even if they have differences. This is a book Kelly wrote with Queen Rania of Jordan! The story was based on an experience Queen Rania had as a child.

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