Key Figures in the Texas Revolution & Republic

Instructor: Suzanne Rose

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Did you know that the state of Texas was once an independent country? Read on to find out about some important people in the fight for Texas independence and during the early years of the Republic of Texas.

Republic of Texas

Did you know that the state of Texas was once an independent country? How did this happen?

What is now the state of Texas was actually once part of the country of Mexico as well. Many settlers from the United States relocated there in the 1830s. Eventually, they became disillusioned with Mexico and hoped to either form their own country or become part of the United States. The Texas Revolution began in October 1835 and ended in April 1836. The Republic of Texas was officially formed on March 2, 1836 when the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed.

Key Figures

There were thousands of men and women who were instrumental in achieving independence for the Republic of Texas, including those who died while fighting against Mexico during the Texas Revolution. Some influential and important key figures of the Texas Revolution and the early days of the Republic of Texas include:

  • George Childress

George Childress was the author of the Texas Declaration of Independence. Childress, who was a lawyer and native of Tennessee, was one of the U.S. citizens who settled in Texas when it was still part of Mexico. He helped to raise support for the Texas Revolution and returned to his home state to encourage volunteers to come to Texas to fight against Mexico. He was one of the first ambassadors sent from the fledgling Republic of Texas to the United States government to ask for recognition of the new country. Childress County in Texas is named after him.

  • Juan N. Seguin

Juan Seguin was one of the defenders of the Alamo; however, when the siege occurred, he was away from the fort on a covert mission so he was not killed. Seguin was a valued member of the Texas Army. His leadership was especially important at the Battle of San Jacinto, where he led a group of Tejano (Mexican-American) soldiers against the Mexican Army. Following the Texas Revolution, Seguin became a politician who served the Republic of Texas as both a Senator and Congressman. He was also the Mayor of the city of San Antonio.

  • James Fannin

James Fannin is remembered for his contributions to the Texas cause during the Texas Revolution. He was a leader of the Texas troops who fought at the Battle of Concepcion, Battle of Gonzales, and the Siege of San Antonio. He was also active at the Battles of Goliad and Coleto. Although told to retreat, his men held for five days longer and were subsequently defeated by the Mexican Army. Fannin and about 200 of his men were executed by the Mexican Army.

  • Mary Maverick

Mary Maverick was married to Samuel Maverick, who fought in the Texas Revolution. He was away from home a lot so she had to hold down the homestead and raise their ten children on the frontier. Mary kept diaries which still exist today. These allow us to read about the difficulties she faced as a woman and mother during the days of the Texas Revolution and early days of the Republic of Texas. After Texas became a state, four of her sons fought for the Confederacy. Mary also was one of the advocates who helped fight to preserve the Alamo as a Texas landmark.

  • Mirabeau Lamar

Mirabeau Lamar was a poet and a painter, but he's most remembered for his role in the Battle of San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution. Following Texas independence, he was elected as the second president of the Republic of Texas. His term was not particularly successful though, as he initiated the disastrous Santa Fe Expedition in an attempt to establish trade with Mexico and to annex part of New Mexico to Texas. One of his major successes was the development of the Texas educational system.

  • Joshua Houston

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