Kindness Activities for Kids

Instructor: David Wood

David has taught Honors Physics, AP Physics, IB Physics and general science courses. He has a Masters in Education, and a Bachelors in Physics.

Kindness isn't inbuilt, and needs to be taught. We can do that through various fun activities that will keep kids focused and engaged on doing kind acts. Here are some ideas for you to try.

Kindness Activities for Kids

While most people are born with the ability to empathize in a simplistic way thanks to mirror neurons in the brain, the actual active process of empathizing with other people in ways that impact your actions only develops over time. It is something that is societally taught, not inbuilt. It's therefore important to explicitly teach kindness to our children and students. While this is often left to parents, there is no reason it has to stay outside the classroom. There are many activities that we can have students complete which will encourage kindness and be fun at the same time. Let's look at some examples.

Kindness Diary

A kindness diary is a small notebook given to each student, where they note any example of them completing an act of kindness. You can give students the goal of completing one act of kindness for every day of the year. To make it easier, two acts of kindness on the same day can count for the following day. However, it might be wise to require a single act on each individual day, in order to encourage students to get into the habit. To give students ideas, you can put up a poster containing 100 or more possible acts of kindness. That way students have a lot of material from which to choose. This choice makes it easier to do it on a regular basis. Acts of kindness can include things like:

  • Holding the door open for someone
  • Thanking your favorite teacher
  • Helping an elderly person cross the street
  • Donating old clothes
  • Cheering up someone who is feeling down
  • Smiling at 10 people during the day
  • Leaving someone a nice note
  • Collecting money for charity
  • Making a get well soon card for someone
  • Give up a toy you want to play with because someone else wants it
  • Helping a neighbor with yard work
  • Volunteering at a soup kitchen
  • Giving someone a compliment
  • Helping your parents make dinner
  • Giving someone flowers
  • Telling someone you love them who you never (or rarely) told before
  • Giving a friend a hug
  • Planting a tree
  • Giving someone a gift
  • Doing a chore without anyone knowing
  • Putting change in a vending machine
  • Adopting an animal online
  • Cleaning your room without being asked

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