Kitchen Safety Lesson for Kids: Rules & Tips

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Cooking can be so much fun and the reward is feasting on something yummy! In this lesson, learn how to stay safe in the kitchen by following cooking rules and tips.

Time for Dinner!

You've decided to be the top chef in your family and you're cooking dinner tonight! Sounds awesome, but do you know how to do this safely? Let's explore some ways that you can make a delicious meal without putting yourself or others at risk.

The best safety tip is to have a responsible adult with you in the kitchen when you are cooking. They can help with the more dangerous parts of cooking, like using the stove. So before you begin cooking any dish, big or small, make sure you have a partner to help!

Safe Handling Tips

Any time you begin cooking, always wash your hands. This will prevent germs passing from your hands onto the food that people will eat. It is also a good idea to wear a hat or hair net when cooking. Not only will this keep your hair out of the food you prepare, but it will keep longer hair away from heat and flames.

Washing hands is important when handling food.
making dinner

Any time you touch raw meat, always wash your hands. If the meat touches the counter, you should always wash the counter with soap and water. This will kill the germs that might contaminate, or get into other foods. Keeping clean hands and a clean kitchen are great ways to prevent people getting sick from germs.

Preparing Food

Any good cook knows that before you begin cooking there must be some preparation done. If you're making vegetable soup, you can't just throw a whole carrot in the pot! Preparation might include getting your ingredients ready, such as washing and cutting vegetables.

Food preparation that involves using sharp knives should be done by an adult.
kitchen safety

Some preparation will be simple and can be done safely on your own. Washing vegetables and getting utensils, like spoons and dishes, ready are all easy steps to accomplish. However, you need to get permission and possibly help from your partner when it comes to turning on burners, ovens, and chopping vegetables with sharp knives.

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