Knowledge Sharing: Importance & Quotes

Instructor: Mike Miller
Have you wondered how information makes it from project manager to project manager? Well knowledge sharing is an important aspect of project management. It allows project managers to share knowledge with each other.

What is Knowledge Sharing?

Have you ever worked on a project and had a hard time, always seeming to reinvent the wheel? Many project managers will struggle with items that could have been covered in a review of lessons learned or knowledge data base. Knowledge sharing is the key to helping project managers end those struggles.

Knowledge sharing is the process of passing knowledge from one person to others. Knowledge covers a wide range of topics, such as information, processes, best practices, lessons learned, skills, and expertise. Many organizations will hold meetings to discuss lessons learned and pass on knowledge at set times during the year.

Sharing Format

Many organizations will hold meetings during the year to pass on the knowledge that the project managers have gained from previous projects. Project managers will review their projects and prepare presentations regarding what knowledge they will present. After the presentations, other project managers will have the change to ask questions and listen and learn from the project managers.

Many organizations will retain the presentations for future reference. In some industries, a certain type of project may need to be executed every few years. Having the information saved in a repository will help the next project manager review the presentation and learn from the last execution.

A Knowledge Sharing Culture

An organization has to have a sharing culture to share knowledge. Many organizations struggle with repeating mistakes from the past. This happens when they do not review previous lessons learned or do not have a knowledge database. So how does an organization change the current culture to a knowledge sharing culture? Generally speaking, it requires someone in upper management to realize this gap and dictate a change. Many organizations will use status quo until told to change. Knowledge sharing has to become the cultural norm for the organization. A big step for an organization moving toward change is to encourage its employees to work together and communicate. Many project managers do not like change, but for a company to succeed, it must change.

An organization that is creating a knowledge sharing culture will need to make sharing the cultural norm. Sometimes this will require motivating the project managers to help them create a knowledge database. There are organizations that will reward project managers for helping share the knowledge.

Knowledge Sharing Quotes

As Robin Morgan is quoted, 'Knowledge is power. Information is power. The secreting or hoarding of knowledge or information may be an act of tyranny camouflaged as humility.'

For over twenty years, I have accumulated the following quotes from unknown sources in project management. I share them with you now to reinforce that knowledge sharing is important. A project manager can use these quotes to encourage knowledge sharing and make it a more valuable experience.

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