Landform Project Ideas for Elementary

Instructor: Kerry Gray

Kerry has been a teacher and an administrator for more than twenty years. She has a Master of Education degree.

Mountains, valleys, glaciers, and deserts are just a few of the landforms that differentiate parts of the world. Your students will be engaged in learning about various landforms using these hands-on activities.


Some of your students may be well-traveled enough to have seen mountains, oceans, and islands firsthand. Other students may have only seen these landforms on television. Through the following projects, elementary students learn to identify and explore plateaus, deltas, plains, and other landforms that may exist outside of their experiences.

Landform Cookies Project

Students will explore and discuss several types of landforms as they engage in a cookie decorating activity.

Length: 30-60 minutes

Materials needed: one cookie per student (at least 3'' diameter), blue frosting, green frosting, brown frosting, chocolate kisses, Rolos, brown sugar

  • Provide students with access to materials.
  • Tell students that their cookie will represent the world.
  • Tell students that they will decorate their world with different landforms.
  • Discuss each of the materials. Generate student ideas about what landforms the various materials look like.
  • Tell students they must include at least four different landforms on their cookie.
  • After students have decorated their landforms, have them explain their landforms to other students in their small groups and discuss why they chose their materials.

Virtual Field Trip Project

Students will use digital tools to gain experience with landforms that exist is otherwise inaccessible locations.

Length: 45-60 minutes

Materials needed: computer/internet access

  • Take students on a virtual field trip about landforms. (Virtual field trips can be found by searching Google, YouTube, Discovery Education, museums, and other educational websites.)
  • As students engage in the field trip, pause at each landform to give them the opportunity to write down the name of the landform and draw a picture of it.
  • At the end of the field trip, have students write a story about which landform they would like to go visit and why.
  • Have students share their stories in small groups as a review of the many different types of landforms they experienced.

Landforms Pop-Up Book Project

Students will create a book that will identify and define various landforms. This book may later be used as an anchor to remember these concepts.

Length: 30-60 minutes

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