Latin America Since 1900 Activities for High School

Instructor: Frank Clint

Frank has been an educator for over 10 years. He has a doctorate degree in education with a concentration in curriculum and instruction.

Latin America has seen many economic, political, and population changes since 1900. Use this lesson to enhance your unit on Latin America since 1900, and engage students with timelines, presentations, posters, and more.

Activities for Latin America Since 1900

Since 1900, Latin America has seen its share of dictatorships, war, and changes in government. Also, trade and immigration from Latin American countries to the United States saw significant change.

This lesson will help get students involved in their own learning through activities about the Mexican Revolution, dictators of Hispaniola, NAFTA, and much more. Use these project-based activities as in-class or take-home projects to enrich your teaching of Latin America since 1900.

Mexican Revolution Cause and Effect Tutorial

This activity will help students understand the causes and effects of the Mexican Revolution, and how Mexico is still impacted today.

  • Briefly discuss the various causes and effects of the Mexican Revolution, allowing students time and opportunity to connect each cause with its effect.
  • Have students research and create a recorded tutorial presentation (including sources) about the Mexican Revolution, using video software or any video recording device.
  • Students should address the following in their tutorial:
    • The dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz
    • Francisco Madero, Pascual Orozco, Pancho Villa, and Emiliano Zapata, and their roles in the revolution
    • The United States' role
    • How the Mexican Revolution affected Mexican politics and continued to affect them to this day
  • Allow students to play their tutorials for the class.

Dictators of Hispaniola - Biographical Sketches

This activity provides perspective on the similarities and differences of the dictators of Hispaniola.

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