Learning Multiplication Facts to 10 Using Skip Counting

Instructor: Trisha Fyfe

Trisha has taught college and K-12 English, reading, writing, and math. She has a master's degree in teaching.

Multiplication facts might not be your favorite thing to learn in math class, but they are super important to know! In this lesson, we will use skip counting as a method for learning your multiplication facts zero through 10.

What Is Skip Counting?

Let's pretend you and three friends have started your own dog walking business. Each person created 7 flyers to hand out to neighbors to advertise the business. Knowing that each flyer goes to a different house, how many houses will the group of 4 people need to visit? We can solve this multiplication problem really quickly using skip counting, which is when you add using intervals (the distance between two numbers along a number line).

So, you must find the answer to 7 flyers multiplied by 4 people. You could simply count out your 7s to find the answer: 7, 14, 21, 28.

A multiplication table with the 7s row highlighted
multiplication table 7s highlighted

That means there are 28 flyers, and you and your friends need to visit 28 houses. The multiplication problem that you solved is 7 x 4 = 28. By skip counting your 7s four times, you found the answer to your multiplication problem, which is known as a product.

Learning Multiplication Facts By Skip Counting

Skip counting is a great way to learn your multiplication facts to 10. You might already know some of the patterns of your multiplication facts! Try to continue this pattern: 0, 2, 4, 6... Did you get 8 and 10? If so, you might already know how to skip count by 2s!

What about this pattern: 0, 5, 10... Did you get 15 and 20? If you did, it seems you know how to skip count by 5s as well!

But what happens when you aren't already an expert in multiplication facts? Skip counting can help! When skip counting, you continue adding the same number over and over. To skip count by 3s, we start with zero and add 3, then another 3, and so on. It looks like this: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15. We can keep going and going from there.

Using a Number Line to Skip Count

One trick to skip counting is using a number line. Starting at 0, you can practice each of your multiplication facts by counting in intervals of that number. Think of skip counting as skipping the intervals of a number line.

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