Lemur Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Thomas Philip
In this lesson, you will learn about lemurs. You'll discover where they live, what they look like, and what they eat, as well as exploring threats to the lemurs and why very few of them remain in the world today.

Where Are Lemurs Located?

Imagine swinging from one tree to another. This is an ability that not many animals have, but lemurs can do just that! Lemurs are animals native to Madagascar, an island country located off the coast of Africa. The weather on the island is hot with lots of rain (aside from a dry season), which is perfect for lemurs!

Lemurs usually live in the treetops.

Lemur Characteristics

Lemurs are primates, which means they belong to the same family as apes, monkeys, and humans. There are many different species, or types, of lemurs alive today, and they come in a variety of sizes and colors, such as red, gray, black, and white. While some lemurs can weigh as much as 20 pounds, like the indri lemur, others are as light as a slice of bread. The mouse lemur, for instance, weighs only about an ounce and is the smallest of the primates.

The mouse lemur is the smallest primate in the world.

Just like humans, lemurs have five fingers on each hand, and they have fingernails. Most lemurs have a long nose, which gives them a great sense of smell. They have bushy tails that they wave around to communicate with each other. The tails also help them to move around on the trees.

Generally, lemurs live mostly in the trees, except for the ring-tailed lemur that lives mostly on the ground. Lemurs love to be around each other and usually hang out in groups of about 15-30.

Lemur Diet

Lemurs are omnivores, which means the'll eat plants as well as meat, such as insects. However, what a lemur eats often depends on its size. Smaller lemurs like to eat bugs and fruit, while larger lemurs usually stick to plants, fruit, bark, and sap from the trees. Some species of lemurs hibernate (sleep for a long period of time) in seasons where they can't find much food. This helps them store energy and survive.

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