Letter A Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

These letter 'A' activities give preschool and kindergarten students practice in forming the letter 'A,' using the long and short vowel sounds, finding the letter 'A,' and finding the initial 'A' sound.

The Letter A

Beginning readers benefit from repeated exposure to a new letter. In the case of vowels, readers need multiple exercises with both the long and short vowel sounds. Students also need extensive practice writing a letter in upper and lower cases. These activities will help preschool and kindergarten students gain familiarity with the various uses of the letter A, the first letter of the alphabet.

Activity: Long and Short A Song

Objective: Practice the long and short A sounds.

Materials: None

  • Teach students this song about the short and long vowel sounds for the letter A.
  • Allow a different student to choose a word each time you sing a verse. Sing both the long and short vowel sound verses several times.
  • Options:
    • Use pictures, flashcards, or objects to prompt students with A words.
    • Allow students to choose between different A word pictures/objects.
    • State whether you will sing the long A or short A verse, and give students an array of pictures/objects. Students must select a picture with the vowel sound you indicated.

This song can be sung to the tune of ''The Battle Hymn of the Republic'' (or ''John Brown's Body'').

A is the long vowel sound for the letter A (sing this line three times)

And here's my favorite long A word: _____ (insert word, such as ''ape'').

(Ape) uses the long A sound, (sing this line three times)

The long A sound is A.

A is the short vowel sound for the letter A (sing this line three times)

And here's my favorite short A word: _____ (insert word, such as ''atlas'').

(Atlas) uses the short A sound, (sing this line three times)

The short A sound is A.

Activity: Acrobatic As

Objective: Form the shape of the letter A in different ways.

Materials: Sidewalk chalk or masking tape

  • Preparation: Outside on pavement or inside in a large open room, form several large letter As, both upper and lower case, using sidewalk chalk or masking tape.
  • Put students in groups.
  • Station each group near a letter A. Note: If you have enough space, each group can have both an upper and lower case A. If not, rotate in the middle of the activity so each group works with both upper and lower case letters.
  • Groups try out different ways to form and trace the outline of the letters. For example:
    • Hop along the edge of the letter.
    • Tiptoe around the edge of the letter.
    • Crawl around the edge of the letter.
    • Arrange group members so that they form the letter (for example, to form an upper case A, three group members lay on the ground in the appropriate shape; or two group members lean toward each other to form an inverted V, then stretch their arms across the center to complete the letter).

Activity: A Hunt

Objective: Find objects in the environment that begin with A.

Materials: Paper and pencil or camera

This activity can be done as a whole class or in small groups (especially if you are able to have additional adults to work with each group).

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