Letter C Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

This asset offers fun, engaging, and physically active games and activities to help your students learn about the letter C. Individual and collaborative activities that involve creativity, activity, and competition are included.

Why Letter Activities?

Learning through play is one of the strongest methods of learning for young children. Play is natural and incorporating academic information into play creates an environment of natural learning. Children are programmed to play, thus if we can get them learning academic concepts while they play, they are engaged and receptive to the concepts being presented. This asset offers multiple activities designed to help early learners learn about the letter C.

Make a C Using C-word Items

This activity connects the C sound with the shape of the letter C.


  • Small items that start with C, such as:
    • Cars (small)
    • Cookies
    • Cake (small pieces)
    • Cans
    • Alternative - small images of C-letter items
  • Art supplies (glue, tape, card stock paper, markers)


  • Put all the C items on an accessible table (you will need dozens of each item).
  • Show your students one of each item and ask for a volunteer to tell you what it is and what sound starts its word.
  • Tell your students that all of these things start the letter C. Ask:
    • Who can make a C? (Allow a volunteer to write a C on the board)
  • If you have images of items that start with C:
    • Give each student a piece of card stock paper and access to art supplies.
    • Instruct your students to choose enough C-letter items to form their own C on their paper.
  • Alternately, have students collect enough of the items that start with C and put them in the shape of a C on the table or desk.
  • When everyone is finished, you can allow your students to share their creations with each other telling the class which C-letter items were chosen for their C.

Picture That

Creativity and academics blend to make artistic letters in this activity.


  • Worksheet with an outlined block letter C printed in large print (the C should be at least half the size of the page)
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils


  • Give each student a worksheet.
  • Brainstorm with your students some ideas of things that start with C.
  • Now, instruct your students to turn the C on their paper into something that starts with C. For example:
    • Complete the circle of the rounded C and then decorate it to look like a cake.
    • Draw pointy ears at the top of the C and add a face and tail to create a cat.
  • When students are finished have their share their creations with the class.

Toss the Ball

This activity includes students being physically active while they work their brains to think of C words.


  • Beach ball (1 per group)

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