Letter D Activities

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has a Doctorate of Education and over 20 years of experience teaching psychology and math related courses at the university level.

This asset offers active games and a focus on fine motor skills to help your students learn about the letter D. Activities focus on both the formation of the letter and recognizing its sound in words.

Letter D Activities

When young children are learning their letters, the more practice they can get, the faster they will internalize the letter. Fun, engaging activities that involve multiple senses and movement will help expedite the process of learning these concepts that they may find difficult.

The activities offered in this asset are designed to get your early elementary students moving and creating as they learn about the letter D.

D is for Dough

This creative activity uses a product that starts with the target letter to get students to make the target letter.


  • Air dry clay or salt dough
  • Craft paints and accessories
  • Newspaper
  • Glitter or other craft decorations
  • Visual samples of the target letter
  • Card or stiff paper


  • Prepare the dough or clay.
  • Cover the activity area with newspaper for easy clean up.
  • Put each child's name on a piece of stiff paper.


  • In the activity area, give each student their stiff paper and a portion of clay/dough.
  • Show your students a capital D and a lower case d.
  • If you are using dough, point out that the word dough starts with a d.
  • Now, ask your students to break their dough into two pieces and form both a capital D and a lower case d with their two pieces of dough.
  • When they have made their letters, allow them to decorate their letters with markers, glitter or other accessible craft materials.
  • Remind your students to leave their work on their own pieces of paper so that they are easily identified after the work has dried.


  • For students who need extra help, print out worksheets with large letters for your students to use as guides when molding their dough.

Is It a D Word?

Recognizing sounds in words is important. This activity will help your students begin to recognize the D sound in words.


  • Images including those that represent words that:
    • Start with D (like dog)
    • Have a D within them (like puddle)
    • End with a D (like wood)


  • Depending on the style of images you have (electronic or hard copy) and your access to outside play areas, this activity can be conducted in multiple ways.
  • Basic instructions: Instruct your students to:
    • Stand for words starting with D
    • Crouch for words with a D sound in the middle
    • Sit on the ground for words that end in D

As you show the images to your students, you will be able to tell which students move to the correct position immediately and which have difficulty identifying the location of the D sound. This will allow you to give those students who need more help focused attention later.

Follow the Ds

This activity will help your students ensure that they can identify the letter D in both of its forms.


  • Letter cards with capitals and lower case letters (include extra D's of both versions)

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