Letter E Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

To build literacy skills, it can be helpful for students to work through the alphabet one letter at a time. These activities are all focused around the letter E.

Letter E Activities

Students can gain a lot from studying the alphabet one letter at a time. These activities focus on the letter E and give students creative chances to think about where this letter appears in language, as well as the sounds associated with it. These activities are intended for students in early-mid elementary school but are also designed to be easily adaptable for different grades and literacy levels.

Bubble-Letter Worksheets

Provide students with a set of worksheets. On each page, there should be one sentence containing several words with the letter E. The sentence should be written in bubble letters or block letters. Students will go through the worksheet and try to find all the E's. They will color in the upper-case E's with one color, and fill in the lower-case e's with a different color. Below that, students will draw the scene that is described in the sentence. Practice saying these sentences aloud as a class so students can say/hear the different sounds associated with the letter E.

  • Materials: Bubble-letter worksheets, writing and coloring supplies

Make A Word Search

Give students a chance to list out as many E words as they can (this could include words that start with an E or simply contain an E). Once they have their list, students will design a word search puzzle that contains several of these words hidden in either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal patterns. You may consider providing students with rulers to help keep the letters in the word search organized in straight lines. If you wish to make this more challenging, ask students to make a crossword puzzle using their words, instead of a word search puzzle. If they do, students will have to write the clues for their crossword puzzle as well.

  • Materials: Writing supplies, rulers if desired

E Words Game

Divide the class into small groups, and give them a set amount of time to list out all the words they can think of that contain the letter E. You will then go around the classroom, and ask each group to give one word that starts with the letter E (there can be no repeats). Give groups five seconds a piece to choose their word. Once each group has gone, go around the room again and ask groups to provide a word where the second letter is E. Continue this pattern until no one is able to come up with any more E words.

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