Letter F Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

'F' is for fun! These fun letter 'F' activities will aide you in teaching beginning readers how to read and write the letter 'F' using a variety of games.

Letter F

What's so special about the letter F? It is the sixth letter of the alphabet and begins some exciting words like ''frog,'' ''fish,'' and ''food.'' In its upper case form, F is one of the easier letters to write since it is composed of only three straight lines. When you introduce the letter F, these activities can help your preschool or kindergarten students practice the form and sound of the letter so they gain confidence and familiarity that will enhance their reading and writing.

Activity: Food Fight

Objective: Determine whether or not a word begins with the F sound.

Materials: Two boxes - one labeled ''yes'' and one labeled ''no,'' pieces of play food

  • Seat students in a semi-circle and set the two labeled boxes in front of the students.
  • Have the first student stand and takes a piece of plastic food.
  • You then say a word. If the word begins with the F sound, the student throws the food into the ''yes'' box. If it does not begin with the F sound, the student throws the food into the ''no'' box.
  • Give each student a couple of turns.

Activity: Find a Friend

Version One: Upper and Lower Cases

Objective: Distinguish between upper and lower case Fs.

Materials: Sticky notes labeled with upper or lower case Fs

  • Line students up.
  • On each student, place either a lower case or an upper case F label.
  • When you say go, students with an upper case have to find a student with a lower case and stand together.

Version Two: Position in a Word

Objective: Find the letter F in different positions in word (initial, middle, final).

Materials: Sticky notes labeled with words containing Fs in different positions

  • Line students up.
  • On each student, place a word.
  • When you say go, students look at the position of the letter F in their word.
  • Students find a friend who has the letter F in the same position in their word.
    • For example, matches might be friend/fruit, different/effort, loaf/chief

Activity: F is for Food

Objective: Make the shape of the letter F

Materials: Pictures of food and/or play food

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