Letter G Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

The letter G can be pronounced very differently in different words, and the rules aren't always consistent. These activities will help students practice using G words and develop sound associations.

Letter G Activities

English can be weird. It's a Germanic language that's heavily infused with Latin-based Norman French, and has a tendency to pick up the vocabulary and pronunciations of other languages it encounters. We see the evidence of this complex history throughout the language, but perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the inconsistencies surrounding the letter G. These activities will help your students identify the letter G and create sound associations with it in different words. The activities are intended for early-mid elementary students, but can be adapted for slightly older or younger students as well.

Read Aloud

Pick a short story to read aloud with your class, projecting each page onto the board as you go. As you read, students will attempt to read along with you, watching for words containing the letter G. Whenever you say a word containing the letter G, students will shout ''Gee whiz''. When this happens, stop and take a moment to discuss with students the sound that that G is making (hard G, soft G, f-sounding G or silent G).

Try to get through an entire story like this. If students seem to have a hard time identifying upper versus lower case G's, point them out.

  • Materials: A short children's book, projector

Word Search

Give students a word search that is entirely filled with words containing the letter G. Students are not only going to try and find the individual words within this puzzle, but will also be looking to identify the different sounds it makes. Therefore, students will circle hard G words (tug, goat) with one color, soft G words (age, gym) with another, f-sounding G words (tough, rough) with another, and silent G words (tight, sign) with a fourth color.

In addition, on a piece of writing paper, have students make four columns, labeling each column with one of the four G sounds. As students identify the words in the search, they will also be sorting the words by writing each word in the correct G-sound column on their paper.

  • Materials: Word search puzzles, coloring supplies as desired, paper, pencil

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