Letter L Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Teach your students about the letter 'L' with these multi-sensory learning activities. Activities include collages, sentence building, fine motor, gross motor, and interactive activities.

The Letter L

Learning the sound, shape, and characteristics of a letter is essential to beginning readers. When they are learning a new letter, preschool and kindergarten students benefit from participating in a wide variety of activities that involve all their senses in the use of the new letter. Experiences should be memorable, creating a solid foundation that will aid students in future reading comprehension. These letter L activities should help your students become familiar and comfortable with the lovely letter L.

Activity: Giant L Collages

Objective: Find pictures of things that begin with L.

Materials: Calendars/catalogs/magazines that can be cut, paper, scissors, glue, markers

  • Show students how to glue two pieces of paper together to form the letter L.
  • Each student makes a large letter L using colored paper of their choice.
  • Students page through old magazines/catalogs/calendars and look for pictures of things that begin with L.
  • Students cut out pictures that begin with L and glue them to their letter L.

Activity: The Book of L

Objective: Create a story that contains many L words.

Materials: Chart paper, paper, pencil, markers

  • Sit with students in a circle around an easel with chart paper.
  • Name a category of words, such as action words. As a class, come up with as many L words in that category as possible.
  • Make a list of action words, descriptive words, and nouns (objects or people).
  • Help each student to come up with a single sentence that combines at least three of the L words - an action, a description, and an object or person. For example, Lisa the lonely lion listened.
  • Help each student to write their sentence on a piece of paper.
  • Each student illustrates their sentence.
  • Put the page together into a class book.
  • Read the book together.

Activity: L Word Ball Toss

Objective: Think of words that start with L.

Materials: Ball

  • Seat students in a circle.
  • Hold a small ball and name a word that begins with L.
  • Toss the ball to a student. That student must name a different word beginning with L.
  • After naming an L word, the student passes the ball to another student.
  • Continue the game without repeating any words. Make sure all students get a turn.

Activity: Making Ls

Objective: Practice forming the letter L.

Materials: Classroom objects, digital camera

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