Letter M Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

By focusing on a single letter, students can practice literacy skills in a concentrated way. These activities will give students creative and unique ways to explore literacy skills.

Teaching the Letter M

In building up literacy skills, it can be helpful to ask students to focus on single letters. From there you explore the ways this letter appears in language. These activities will give you fun and creative options for doing this while building students' writing, public speaking, and critical thinking skills. While designed for students who already have some literacy skills, many of the following activities can be easily adjusted for younger students by focusing on speaking over writing.

M Haiku

Ask students to write a haiku poem that contains as many M words as possible. The ultimate goal of students will be to write a poem that is entirely composed of words starting with the letter M, although you can all expand this to any word that contains the letter M. If you want to make this more challenging, ask each student to draw three M words from a hat at random. Students will be required to incorporate these three words into their haiku.

You can expand upon this with other poetry forms as well. Cinquain poems will work well for this activity, as will asking students to write a basic rap with a set rhyme scheme.

For younger children, help them to make a list of words on the board that start with M and have the class work together to develop a poem using these words.

  • Materials: Writing supplies, slips of paper with M words (if desired)

M Mountains

Ask students to write a list of all the words they can think of that start with the letter M. Students will then draw the outlines of two large, adjacent triangles on a big piece of paper or a poster. These triangles should be set so that together, they roughly make the letter M. Students will make the triangles look like snow-capped mountains, and draw a winding pathway up and down each side. They will then draw images (or glue cut-out images) to represent all of their M words on the mountains.

For older students, you can have the students to write a short story in which they take a trip up the M Mountains and describe all the things they see.

For younger students, go around the class and have each student verbally describe one of the images in order to make a continuing story until you get to the end of the drawings.

  • Materials: Large paper or poster paper, art and craft supplies as desired

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