Letter N Activities

Instructor: Bethany Calderwood

Bethany has taught special education in grades PK-5 and has a master's degree in special education.

Are you teaching students one letter at a time? These letter 'N' activities include games, a survey, and a scavenger hunt, and they tackle both initial sounds and letter formation.

Learning about N

Many preschool and kindergarten classes focus on one letter at a time in order to allow students to become very comfortable with the sound and form of each letter. This letter practice helps students with letter recognition and decoding. If your class is ready to learn about the letter N, try some of these activities.

Activity: N is for Name

Objective: Identify N words using clues and give clues so others can identify N words.

Materials: None

  • Seat students in a circle.
  • The format for the clue is ''I can name an N word that _____.''
  • Give the first clue. For example, ''I can name an N word that is a home for a bird.''
  • Students try to guess the N word.
  • The first student to guess correctly gives the next clue.
  • Modification: If your students need extra time to think of their clue, have all the students think of a word and a clue before the game begins. The students share their clue when it is their turn.

Activity: Building N

Objective: Use a variety of media to form the letter N.

Materials: Play-Doh, glue, craft sticks, fabric scraps, colored paper, scissors, pipe cleaners, etc.

  • Begin by setting out Play-Doh.
  • Each student should use Play-Doh to form the letter N.
  • Next, set out a variety of craft materials (whatever you have available - craft sticks, pipe cleaners, colored paper, pom poms, etc.).
  • Students experiment with using different materials to form the letter N.
  • Students choose their favorite material and use it to glue a letter N to a piece of heavy paper.

Activity: Scattergories

Objective: Name N words that fit in specific categories.

Materials: None

  • Seat students in groups.
  • Name a category.
  • Each group must come up with an N word that fits the given category.
  • Give the groups a couple minutes, then each group shares their word.
  • For example, if the category is ''food,'' groups might say ''nuts,'' ''noodles,'' or ''nectarines.''

Activity: Find the Ns

Objective: Find hidden letter N on objects that begin with N.

Materials: N labels (stickers, post-it notes, or paper and tape)

Preparation: Look around your classroom and identify items that begin with N. Label each item in the room that begins with N with a letter N.

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