Letter O Activities

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

When introducing students to the letter O, you want them to be able to identify the letter and the sound it makes. These activities will help your preschool aged students learn everything they need to know about O.

Teaching Letters

It is never too early to begin exposing students to the look, shape and sound of the letters of the alphabet. You may have chosen to go through the alphabet from beginning to end or have selected the approach of teaching students as they ask about certain letters. Either way, these activities will help your preschool aged students (2-4 years old) learn about the letter O. There are opportunities for movement, use of the senses and practicing handwriting skills. Many of these activities are created to be done in the group setting.

An O Scavenger Hunt

After introducing the letter O to students, spend extra time talking about what the letter looks like. Remind students that it looks very similar to a circle. With this in mind, take students on a scavenger hunt to find everyday objects that look like an O. Some objects they might find include tires, a clock, the top of a drinking glass, etc. If the weather is nice, take students outside to do this so that they can burn off some energy and see the shape in nature.

As an extension, you could have students look for the shape of the letter O at their house that night and either bring in a (small) object in that shape or describe the object to the class the next day. In this activity, students reinforce knowledge about both the letter O and the shape circle.

  • Materials Needed: None

Circling O Letters

For this activity, students will be identifying objects that start with the letter O on a worksheet. Before class, create a worksheet that has about 15 objects on it. About half of the objects should start with the letter O and the other half should not.

Before beginning the worksheet, talk to students about the different sounds an O can make and ask students to name some objects, animals or things that start with the letter O. Then, give students the worksheet. They should draw a circle (or, letter O) around all the objects that start with this letter.

After students have finished, talk about whether or not each object should be circled.

  • Materials Needed: Worksheet with O objects

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