Letter V Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Of all the letters in the alphabet, V is one of the simplest and most consistent. These activities will give students a chance to practice listening for, saying, and using words that contain this letter.

Letter V Activities

Whether introducing students to literacy skills or just trying to build vocabulary, it can be helpful to work through the alphabet one letter at a time. The letter V represents a chance to take things a little more casually since this letter is so straightforward. It only has one sound in English, and the upper and lower cases look almost identical. So, these activities are designed to let your students have a little fun with the letter V while continuing to improve their literacy skills.

V Volcano

Give each student a piece of poster paper and rulers/straight edge tools. Students are going to draw a simple mountain, but then draw two long lines coming out of the top of the mountain in the shape of a V. They will color the mountain to look like a volcano, and the large V to look like lava coming out of it.

Students will then list out all the words they can think of that start with V and write those words in the 'V' of the lava, as if they are being erupted from the volcano. If you want, you can ask students to make all of these upper-case words that start with V, and then to draw small v's along the sides of the volcano that represent smaller eruptions. In each of these, students will write a word with a lower-case v in it (glove, activity, etc.)

  • Materials: Poster paper, ruler/straight edge tools, art and craft supplies as desired

Reading and Listening

Show students how to make a V with their finger (this will essentially be a peace sign). Students will then close their eyes while you read a story aloud and attempt to identify V words by sound throughout the short story. Every time they hear the V sound in a word, they will hold up the V sign with their hands. Once the story is over, ask students what V words they remember hearing, and practice writing them.

If you want to make this a little more challenging, ask each student to write a short passage of 3 - 4 lines that contains 3 - 5 words that use the letter V. Students will then get into small groups and read their passages aloud. The other students will listen with eyes closed, and try to identify all the V words in the story by sound.

  • Materials: Short text with several V words, writing supplies as desired

Geese in a V

Give students five sheets of blank paper. With these sheets of paper, students are going to write and illustrate a very simple short story. Once they're done, you can help them bind their pages into a book using a stapler. For this activity, it may be helpful to provide students with a list of V words to reference.

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