Letter Z Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

These activities are designed to help your students develop their knowledge of Z-words and engage in literacy skills in new ways. By taking this letter-at-a-time approach, you can get students thinking about literacy in new ways.

Letter Z Activities

How do you get students interested in expanding their knowledge about letters and language? Sometimes, you need to spend time with each letter individually. These in-class activities will give your students unique and creative ways to explore the letter Z and words that incorporate this letter. These activities are intended for students who have developed basic literacy skills already and will fit well into lower-elementary classes but can be easily adapted to fit the needs, interests, and literacy levels of your classroom.

Catching Z's Poem

  • Materials: Paper and writing utensils

Students are going to write a poem called Catching Z's in which they attempt to incorporate as many Z-words as possible. You can ask students to only use letters that begin with Z or allow them to use any word with a Z in it. Haikus and cinquains are good formats to use for these poems. You can also expand upon this activity in the following ways:

  • Students will select a Z-word from a hat at random. They must build a poem around/incorporating this word. This can define the theme of the poem or its rhyme, depending on how you want to structure it.
  • If your class is into hip-hop, you can have students draw a Z-word at random and have an improv game in which each student tries to come up with 1-2 lines in an ongoing rap song that uses this word. They must try to connect to the line used by the student before them.

Z Picture

  • Materials: Poster board, art and craft supplies as desired, magazines/catalogs that can be cut (optional)

On a large piece of poster board, students will draw a light outline of the letter Z. They will then fill in the letter with images of things that start with the letter Z (like zebras or zoos). These can be hand drawings or you can provide magazines and catalogs from which they can cut pictures. If desired, you can allow them to print images from the Internet. With these images, students will build up an image of the letter Z composed of smaller objects and ideas.

Z Game

  • Materials: Paper and writing utensils

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