Library Bulletin Board Ideas

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

The library can be a challenging space to decorate, since it is used by students of all ages. This lesson gives you some ideas of how you can make your bulletin boards look beautiful and also have meaning for a variety of visitors.

Why Bulletin Boards Matter

The school library can be a locus of activity. Whether you hold classes in your library, or whether it is a place teachers and students can choose to visit on their own time, the school library is an invaluable place for study, resource finding, and collaborative learning. The library can also be a challenging place to decorate! Unlike most classrooms, the library is visited by students of all ages and needs to have appeal to a variety of learners and thinkers. This lesson gives you some ideas about how you can create library bulletin boards that will make your space inviting and productive for everyone that visits.

Author Boards

Library bulletin boards can offer a unique opportunity to highlight the life and work of particular authors you love. A bulletin board that focuses on an author might include a picture of the author, important dates or details from the author's life, covers and summaries of the author's books, or interactive questions and answers about the author's life and works. You can also have students draw in response to works by this author or write summaries or recommendations of books they have loved. Author bulletin boards work best when they focus on authors who have works that appeal to a variety of ages. Some great authors to highlight include Tomie DePaola, Dr. Seuss, Langston Hughes, Jacqueline Woodson, Patricia Polacco or Shel Silverstein. It can also be great to get student input on authors whose life and works they would like to see in sharper focus. You might choose to create a bulletin board close to an author's birthday, or if an author is visiting your town or school.

Genre Boards

Another great way to create literary bulletin boards for your library is to focus on particular genres. These can be genres like graphic novels that are likely to be popular already in your library, or genres where you have a good collection that you would like to see more students making use of. Ask students to recommend favorite titles from this genre. On the bulletin board, display these titles and testimonials from the kids who have spoken up for them. Then, provide carefully written and graphically illustrated directions about how to find books from this genre in your library. You can also include a definition of the genre and some of the key vocabulary relevant for reading in that genre, and a list of books for a variety of ages and reading levels in that genre.

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