Library Learning Standards: Implementation Strategies

Instructor: Clio Stearns

Clio has taught education courses at the college level and has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction.

It is one thing to know about library learning standards, but it can be another thing to implement them. This lesson discusses implementation strategies for library learning standards in a school setting.

Understanding the Standards

As the librarian at Guston Elementary, Dalia is really interested in making sure she is following the most recent standards set forth by the AASL, or the American Association of School Librarians.

Dalia understands that these standards guide her collection, circulation, instruction, collaboration and use of technology. She also knows that the standards are not there to dictate every single move she makes—they can help guide her in the right direction and maximize student learning as a result.

Dalia thinks that the first step toward properly implementing these standards is making sure she understands them. She goes onto several websites, reads different versions of the standards, and makes notes about the ones that are most relevant to her work at Guston.

Now that Dalia understands these standards, she is ready to think about implementing them properly.

Explaining the Standards

First, Dalia thinks she needs to explain the standards to others at her school. In particular, she wants to make sure that classroom teachers understand the standards she is working with.

This ensures that teachers take Dalia's work seriously. It can also help her move toward strong collaborative curriculum and instruction with classroom teachers since they can figure out ways their standards and goals overlap with one another.

Dalia also wants to make sure that teachers know that time in the library is there to help students learn to enjoy literacy, access good information, and make safe and effective use of the technology they have at their disposal. She makes a presentation about the library standards at a faculty meeting and finds that colleagues are excited to learn more about her work.

In addition to the usual library standards, Dalia knows it is crucial to understand and explain the standards of the International Society for Technology in Education, or ISTE. These standards articulate what technological expectations are reasonable for students of different ages, and they are especially helpful to Dalia when it comes to:

  • lobbying for the acquisition of technology in the library;
  • incorporating technology into her curriculum and instruction;
  • providing assistance to teachers who are less familiar with teaching with technology.

Engaging Others in the Standards

Next, Dalia is ready to engage others in her work toward the standards. This means that she can enlist teachers, families and other colleagues in helping her help her students!

For example, Dalia meets with one of the third-grade teachers at Guston. The teacher is doing a unit on rivers, and Dalia realizes this is a great opportunity to teach science content while also helping students use databases, navigate the library, and develop note-taking skills. Science standards and library standards are in sync with one another, and Dalia has formed a newly strong collegial relationship to boot!

Equipping Practitioners to Implement the Standards

Dalia knows that she cannot implement the library standards in a vacuum. There are many tools and resources she will need if she is to work with her students properly.

There are many different tools that help Dalia along, including:

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