Life Cycle of a Star Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

The life cycle of a star is a topic that begs to be expanded beyond a lecture. These project ideas can give your students new ways to interact with this material.

The Life Cycle of a Star

It's not hard to get students interested in stars. Many students have learned a little about constellations and how stars are formed, but may not know a lot about the full life cycle of stars. These project ideas, which are designed to be easily adaptable for students in upper elementary through middle school can provide your students with different ways of learning and thinking about star life cycles.


For this project, students are going to research the life cycle of stars, and are going to create a poster displaying each stage in this cycle. For each stage, students will create an image of the star and provide an informational description. Arrows should connect the stages to show progression. To add some more creativity to this project, consider some of the following options:

  • Lay the poster flat and have students create 3-dimensional models of each star to glue to the poster. You will observe the poster by looking down on it. Stars could be represented with foam spheres, nebulas with wads of colored paper or plastic wrap, and black holes with a hole in the poster and black paper underneath it.
  • Since this is a poster about stars, consider asking students to use colored reflective tape to color in 2-dimensional images of stars or reflective paint for 3-dimensional models. Using a small flashlight, students can illuminate each star as they present their poster.
  • For a class that has time, resources, and a knack for engineering projects, ask students to use LED lights for each star. For an advanced engineering class, you can ask students to adjust the brightness of each relative to the type of star, or to light one at a time in sequential order to show the progression of the life cycle.

Diary of an Astronaut

For this project, students are going to imagine they are an astronaut who is traveling the universe researching the lifecycle of stars. Students will write a fictional narrative, in the form of a diary or scientific reports, describing the physical traits of each star being studied and its stage in the star life cycle.

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